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  Power cables are a common sight on utility poles, electrical pylons, in underground mines, and even along sidewalks. These electrical cables make up a huge part of the infrastructure that society relies upon to communicate and function. In demanding application environments where cable failure is not optional, customers often turn to Leshan Cable as their trusted Chinese power cable supplier. With more than 20 years of manufacturing experience, we supply a variety of cables to customers in China as well as Southeast Asia, the Middle-east, Africa, Europe, Australia, and the Americas. Leshan is the brand of choice for underground cable, shielded cable, mining cable, and control cable, delivering high strength, durability, and power transmission efficiency.


Main Products

Computer Cable

The working temperature range of computer cable is -40°C to +50°C. Temperature during installation should be no less than 0°C.

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Concentric Power Cable

Our concentric power cable has strong resistant characters against electromagnetic interference and thunder strike.

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Signal Cable

The signal cable with a complex stranded core is suitable for equipment within audio frequency range and electrical equipment needing a shielded cable.

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Underground Power Cable

This underground power cable is suitable for fixed distribution lines and electrical facilities for underground agricultural applications with A/C voltages rated 450/750V and below.

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The THHN wire can be operated at the maximum continuous temperature of 90°C in dry conditions and 75°C in wet conditions.

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AAC/ACSR Conductor

AAC/ACSR conductors are used for overhead transportation of electricity. Length error allowance of any piece of them is ±5%.

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Partner Examples

Project Performance

500kv Electrical Substation Project in Sanmenxia City

Yuwang Road Reconstruction Project in Shaanxi City

Aluminum Project for Eastern Hope Group in Henan

220kv Feiyuan Electrical Substation Project in Jiyuan City

Cable Installation Project for Henan University of Technolog...

Customer Visit

Clients from Southeast Asia visiting our factory

Clients from Southeast Asia visiting our factory

European clients visiting our factory

African clients visiting our factory

European clients visiting our factory

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STATE GRID Corporation of China

Zhengzhou Electricity Power Bureau

Xuchang Electricity Power Bureau

Luoyang Electricity Power Bureau

Yima Mining Group Co., Ltd.

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